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Sartorius Collaborates with Sanofi to Commercialize End-To-End Platform for Downstream Process Intensification

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  • Sartorius selected as preferred partner for development and commercialization of integrated and continuous biomanufacturing (ICB) platform
  • Modular platform will combine highest flexibility with standardization
  • ICB supports lower resource consumption and higher productivity, enabling more affordable patient care and sustainable bioprocessing
  • Collaboration demonstrates Sartorius’ leading position in the field of process intensification

GÖTTINGEN, Germany, May 13, 2024 / Biotech Newswire / -- The life science group Sartorius is collaborating with biopharmaceutical company Sanofi to develop an end-to-end platform for integrated and continuous downstream bioprocessing. Selected as a preferred supplier, Sartorius will contribute its engineering and manufacturing expertise to commercialize ICB platforms based on prototypes developed by Sanofi. In return, Sanofi will grant Sartorius exclusive access to its know-how and patents related to the ICB platform.

Sartorius is committing to the rapid development of hardware, consumables and process automation for diverse applications and volumes from development to commercial scale. As part of the collaboration and license agreement, Sartorius will exclusively commercialize the ICB platform offering to customers worldwide.

“Technological innovation is crucial for biopharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce the cost of drug manufacturing - while improving the environmental footprint of their operations – and ultimately getting life-saving drugs to patients faster. As the biologics landscape becomes more diverse, teaming up with Sanofi is an excellent basis for developing a unique modular platform that combines flexibility with the advantages of intensified bioprocessing. This collaboration will help Sartorius to further expand its position as a leading company in the field of integrated and continuous bioprocessing,” said Jan Schäfer, Head of Separation Systems at Sartorius.

Integrated continuous biomanufacturing is an advanced approach to the production of biopharmaceuticals. The concept aims to maximize efficiency by enabling uninterrupted and steady materials flow, as opposed to traditional batch methods, and by integrating multiple unit operations into a lean process setup. ICB reduces the overall process footprint, leading to lower raw material and energy consumption, higher productivity, and less waste.

Sartorius offers a wide array of applications for process intensification in both upstream and downstream, ranging from high-throughput tools for process development to scalable, flexible manufacturing solutions.


About Sartorius
Sartorius is a leading international partner of life sciences research and the biopharmaceutical industry. With innovative laboratory instruments and consumables, the Group’s Lab Products & Services division focuses on laboratories performing research and quality control at pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies as well as academic research institutes. The Bioprocess Solutions division, with its broad product portfolio focusing on single-use solutions, helps customers manufacture biotech medications, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies safely, rapidly, and economically. The company, based in Göttingen, Germany, has a strong global reach with around 60 production and sales sites worldwide. Sartorius regularly expands its portfolio through the acquisition of complementary technologies. In 2023, the company generated sales revenue of around 3.4 billion euros. Currently, around 14,600 employees are working for customers around the globe.
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