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Sartorius and TheWell Bioscience Partner to Enable More Accurate Predictions in Drug Discovery

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  • Collaboration to advance TheWell Bioscience animal-free hydrogel solutions for 3D cell models
  • Solutions address shift from animal-based to more human-relevant organoid models, resulting in more accurate predictions in drug discovery
  • Synergies with Sartorius bioanalytical lab instruments for cell imaging

GÖTTINGEN, Germany, April 9, 2024 / Biotech Newswire / -- The life science group Sartorius and U.S.-based startup TheWell Bioscience have agreed to partner on the further development of hydrogels and bioinks tailored to produce 3D advanced cell models for drug discovery workflows. In addition to this, Sartorius will expand the portfolio of its lab division by distributing TheWell Bioscience's products and invest in a minority shareholding in the company.

TheWell Bioscience is a pioneer in the field of animal-free hydrogels and bioinks, critical components for the creation of 3D biomimicking platforms, also known as 3D cell models, for precision medicine, cell therapy and biomanufacturing. These models are complex biological structures that mimic the organization and function of cells in living organisms, enabling a more accurate prediction of the efficacy, toxicity, and side effects of drugs in humans. As they address the shift from animal-based to more human-relevant organoid models, 3D cell models are a key strategic growth area for Sartorius.

"Sartorius’ lab division is fully focused on helping researchers speed up the development of new drugs with innovative technologies. The offering of TheWell Bioscience seamlessly complements our bioanalytic instruments, cytokines and media products used to grow and analyze a range of 3D spheroid and organoid models. Their hydrogel solutions are highly compatible with our live-cell imaging system for monitoring and analyzing cell health and behavior in real time. By collaborating, we will enable customers to get more relevant insights in less time, accelerating time to market," said Fiona Coats, Head of Marketing at Sartorius’ Lab Products & Services division, who will join the board of directors of TheWell Bioscience as part of the collaboration.

"Our portfolio today encompasses 60 synthetic, room-temperature-stable animal-free hydrogels, bioinks, solutions, and functional assays for biopharma customers to move away from animal-based extracellular matrices for 3D cell models and injectable delivery. The collaboration with Sartorius will broaden our reach in the life science and biopharma market and enable more customers to speed up their research in advanced biomedicine and personalized therapies," said John Huang, founder and CEO of TheWell Bioscience.


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About Sartorius
Sartorius (XETRA: SRT3 | SRT) is a leading international partner of life sciences research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. With innovative laboratory instruments and consumables, the Group’s Lab Products & Services division focuses on laboratories performing research and quality control at pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies as well as academic research institutes. The Bioprocess Solutions division, with its broad product portfolio focusing on single-use solutions, helps customers manufacture biotech medications, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies safely, rapidly, and economically. The company, based in Göttingen, Germany, has a strong global reach with around 60 production and sales sites worldwide. Sartorius regularly expands its portfolio through the acquisition of complementary technologies. In 2023, the company generated sales revenue of around 3.4 billion euros. Currently, around 14,600 employees are working for customers around the globe.
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About TheWell Bioscience
TheWell Bioscience Inc. specializes in providing innovative 3D cell culture platforms to advance personalized medicine. The company manufactures and sells the groundbreaking VitroGel®, a biofunctional, animal-free, synthetic hydrogel system for a wide range of applications, including advanced organoid models, 3D drug screening, and immuno-oncology co-culture for precision medicine. The platform has full high-throughput lab automation adaptability and can be used as an injectable delivery system for cell therapy and wound healing. With the upcoming GMP products and innovative 3D scale-up bioprocessing for 3D cell/protein manufacturing, TheWell Bioscience continues to approach its mission to improve biomedicine for patients worldwide.



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