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ProBioGen Launches Their Lentivirus Packaging Cell Line Lenti.RiGHT™ - A Shortcut to Successful Lentivirus Manufacturing

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BOSTON, MA, USA and BERLIN, Germany, May 17, 2023 / B3C newswire / -- ProBioGen today announced the launch of their lentivirus (LV) packaging cell line Lenti.RiGHT™ as a new platinum standard for LV production at this year's PEGS Boston 2023. The lentivirus production platform is based on HEK293 packaging cells stably transfected with all necessary viral components. Dr. Volker Sandig, Chief Scientific Officer at ProBioGen discussed the advantages and results of the platform in his presentation.

Lentiviral vectors dominate the manufacturing of the CAR-T cells. The production of the lentiviruses is typically based on transient transfection where 4 GMP-grade bacterial plasmids have to be manufactured and co-introduced at bioreactor scale. The whole process is complex, not very robust and difficult to scale.

"With our Lenti.RiGHT platform we have developed a new standard for efficient large-scale lentivirus production and CAR-T manufacturing. It enables an inducible, scalable and efficient production of high-titer lentiviral particles for gene transfer applications", explained Dr. Volker Sandig.


Dr. Volker Sandig, CSO, during his speech at the PEGS Summit 2023 in Boston

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About Lenti.RiGHT
The LV production cell line Lenti.RiGHT is based on HEK293 modified at ProBioGen to grow in chemically defined medium (no animal components) in suspension to enable easy scale-up.
The main features are the stable integration of gag-pol, rev and VSV-G using the transposase system DirectedLuck®. In addition, Lenti.RiGHT enables an inducible and efficient production of lentiviral particles with titers between 107 and 108 transducing units (TU) per ml and tightly-regulated expression of cytotoxic genes.
Lenti.RiGHT is applied in ProBioGen's services for clients and is also licensable for inhouse work.

About ProBioGen
ProBioGen is a Berlin-based specialist for developing and manufacturing biopharmaceutical active ingredients, viral vectors and vaccines with applying proprietary technologies to improve product quality and features.
Combining both state-of-the-art development services, together with intelligent product-specific technologies yields biologics with optimized properties. Rapid and integrated cell line and process development, comprehensive analytical development and GMP-compliant manufacturing is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team.
ProBioGen has been operational for more than 25 years. At three locations in Berlin, over 300 employees contribute to the creation of new therapies in medicine and groundbreaking innovations worldwide through their creative and meticulous work. ProBioGen's growth strategy is driven by the expansion of the service value chain through organic growth and potential acquisition. Diversification is a complement driver, while the focus is strict on enabling the development of biopharmaceuticals for tomorrow.
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Chief Business Officer
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ProBioGen Press Contact
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Corporate Communications
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