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Navigo Proteins Announces Launch of an Exclusive Affinity Resin for the Capture of gp64

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Alternative purification strategy enables platform resin use across a multitude of products

HALLE/SAALE, Germany, June 02, 2022 / B3C newswire / -- Navigo Proteins GmbH (“Navigo”), a premier protein engineering company and developer of affinity ligands for custom chromatography solutions, today announces successful development of an affinity resin for the capture of an undesired contaminant from the baculovirus insect cell expression system, namely the glycoprotein gp64. Navigo successfully leveraged the Precision Capturing® technology to develop a Precision X ligand binding to the gp64 contaminant. The innovative resin will be used in a flow-through chromatography mode, where the envelope protein is bound to the resin and the recombinant protein of interest is eluted without interaction, thereby removing the contaminant protein from the production train. By focusing on a common expression system-based contaminant, the affinity resin can be used for more than one vaccine product. Novavax, a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing next-generation vaccines for serious infectious diseases, is leveraging the resin for the production of its influenza vaccine candidate.

Florian Settele, Head of Business Unit Precision Capturing said: “The gp64 affinity resin continues the success story of our Precision Capturing® technology for recombinant protein targets. Our Precision X libraries consistently produce great results for non-antibody proteins. Working together with the Novavax team on this project was very productive, and we are happy to provide this alternative purification solution for their insect-cell based manufacturing.”

“As part of Novavax’ commitment to ongoing innovation of our recombinant protein vaccine platform, we partnered with Navigo to leverage new separation methods.  This is enabling Novavax to improve production yield while maintaining the high purity required to meet strict GMP production requirements,” said Timothy J. Hahn, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Influenza CMC.


Caption: One resin, different products. Flowthrough chromatography for contamination removal is an alternative purification strategy that enables platform resin use across a multitude of products.

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About Navigo Proteins GmbH
Navigo Proteins is a premier protein engineering company, specialized in creating novel affinity ligands for custom affinity purification of complex biologics (PRECISION CAPTURING®) and as ligands in biotherapeutic drug candidates (PRECISION TARGETING). Navigo’s unique protein engineering expertise is based on the company’s proprietary platform of different small and stable, yet highly engineerable scaffold proteins. Navigo’s PRECISION CAPTURING® unit creates affinity ligands and chromatography resins that specifically bind and purify biologics, even without Fc part and notably enable platformized one-step downstream processes. PRECISION CAPTURING® is based on an artificial Protein A scaffold (‘Precision X’), combining the downstream processing industry-accepted virtues of Protein A with novel selectivities and mild elution conditions. PRECISION CAPTURING® is applicable for purifying recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viruses, VLPs and other biologics. Navigo works with renowned global partners to convert its affinity ligands into ready-to-use, GMP-compliant affinity resins for large-scale, commercial biologics downstream processing.
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Keywords: Ligands; Protein Engineering; Glycoproteins; Chromatography, Affinity;  Influenza Vaccines; Baculoviridae; Biological Science Disciplines; Isolation and Purification; Manufacturing Industry; Extraction and Processing Industry; Pharmaceutical Preparations; Biological Products; Germany


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