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MIMETAS Expands Adult Stem Cell Organoid License to All Organs

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LEIDEN, The Netherlands, May 03, 2022 / B3C newswire / -- MIMETAS, a global leader in Organ-on-a-Chip models and technology, announces today that it has expanded its license to the HUB Organoid Technology to include all organs. The license covers organoid technology developed by Professor Hans Clevers, a pioneer in adult stem cells.

“This is a crucial addition to our Organ-on-a-Chip disease models,” says Jos Joore, co-CEO of MIMETAS. “We typically combine HUB Organoids® with MIMETAS’ OrganoPlate® technology, adding connective tissues, vasculature, and immune cells. Thus, we create the most advanced organ mimics currently available. These miniature organs are used to develop therapies against incurable diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and liver fibrosis. With this expanded license, we will be able to broaden our use of adult stem cell-derived organoids to even more indications.”

HUB manages a world-leading patent portfolio for adult stem cell-derived organoid technology, originally developed in the lab of Professor Hans Clevers. Chief Business Officer of HUB Bahar Ramezanpour confirms, “We are delighted to expand our excellent collaboration with Mimetas. This ensures maximum utilization of two great technologies for the benefit of patients. In addition, Mimetas will now be able to expand its offering to other organs such as lung, kidney, and pancreas.”

Since its foundation in 2013, MIMETAS has collaborated extensively with the group of Professor Hans Clevers. This collaboration has resulted in a range of publications, including on the integration of kidney organoids (1, 2) in the MIMETAS OrganoPlate and vascularization of liver organoids (3). Clevers’ technology utilizes the regenerative capacity of patient-derived adult stem cells to reproduce organ functionality in the laboratory. A key difference between Clevers’ technology and embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells is that the properties of the donor, including specific disease aspects, are maintained when cultured outside of the human body.


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MIMETAS (Leiden, The Netherlands) is a global leader in disease modeling using organ-on-a-chip technologies. Its proprietary OrganoPlate® platform enables developing and high-throughput screening of physiologically relevant disease models for drug discovery and development. The company offers its technology and know-how in therapy co-development projects, services, and off-the-shelf products. MIMETAS works with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide to develop novel therapies against unsolved diseases. MIMETAS was founded in 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands, and has grown into a multinational company with operations in Europe, Asia, and the USA.
To learn more about MIMETAS' disease modeling capabilities and its OrganoPlate® platform, visit www.mimetas.com



Jos Joore, CEO
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+31 85 888 3161


1. Schutgens et al., 2019 Nature Biotechnology
2. Gijssen et al., 2021 Nature Protocols
3. Bonanini et al., 2022 in press


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