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C-CIT Sensors: Single-use Cell Culture In-situ Technologies for the Simultaneous Automated and Continuous Monitoring of Glucose and Lactate in Cell Cultures

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  • Product Launch during 2018 BioProcess International in Boston.
  • CITSens MeMo is a new, innovative, affordable, and easy to handle single-use wireless bi-parametric metabolic monitoring system that allows the continuous online / real-time measurement of glucose and lactate in cell cultures.

Waedenswil (Zurich), Switzerland, August 20, 2018 / B3C newswire / -- C-CIT Sensors AG, today announced the release of its new sensor product allowing to monitor glucose and lactate in-situ and over weeks using one single-use sensor. The product will be exhibited at booth 1732 during the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition in the Hynes Convention Center, from 4-7 September 2018 and is available for beta testing as of 4 September 2018.

The measurement of critical process parameters (CPP) such as glucose and lactate is key to the understanding, development and control of bioprocesses of different kinds. Most labs today rely on frequent sampling and off-line analytics in order to follow the dynamics of a cell culture’s growth and metabolic status. These procedures are often manually conducted resulting in error-prone and risky data acquisition and processing. Many of them consume valuable and significant amounts of cell culture volume (and product) over the complete process time and require high upfront investment for instrumentation. 

CITSens MeMo is an electrochemical, enzyme-based sensor with the capacity to be used in defined cell culture media and blood.

The continuous online/in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate as offered by CITSens MeMo adds value to cell line, media and process development projects within the cell bio research and biopharma community. The affordable sensor system is unique and delivers real-time information on a culture’s growth behavior and metabolic state at any given time. Data is being generated at a 20 second frequency and continuously sent to a database via wireless communication out of a closed incubator. Using a smartphone, a round the clock observation of your cell culture is here. Through straightforward OPC server connectivity, process control based on the online measured kinetics of glucose consumption and/or lactate generation has become reality.

The benefits are evident: Easy and fast learning about a cell culture’s metabolic behavior under a given condition and straight forward process development at lowest investment and running cost, no risk of contamination, in-time information and automation, better science and engineering.

The single-use sensor comes as a standard product (a reactor probe containing a PG13.5 thread or as a flow cell sensor) or can be custom-manufactured as a cap sensor fitting any of the widely used brands of different cell culture vessels (T-flask, shake flask, roller bottle).

About C-CIT Sensors

At C-CIT Sensors we continue to develop innovation in this exciting field of easy and affordable metabolic monitoring helping to turn “dumb plastics” into “smart single-use cell culture systems”.

Interested in testing CITSens MeMo in your specific application? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +41 79 935 7481


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